How to Renew Your Oklahoma Notary Commission

An Oklahoma notary is appointed by the secretary of state to serve the public as an impartial and unbiased witnesses to document signings. An Oklahoma notary serves for a four-year commission term and performs a variety of official notarial acts. At the end of your Oklahoma notary term, you may need to renew your notary commission.

This article explains to you step by step, the process required to renew your notary commission in Oklahoma.

How Soon Can I Renew My Oklahoma Notary Commission?

To avoid the hassle of a lapsed notary commission, don’t hesitate to renew your Oklahoma notary commission as soon as possible. You can begin the renewal application up to six weeks before you current commission expires. Don’t delay! If your notary commission lapses, you may experience a considerable period of time when you cannot legally perform notarizations. If your application is received after the expiration of your commission, your application will be processed as an application for a new commission, and a new commission number will have to be issued.

How Do I Renew My Notary Commission in Oklahoma?

Renewing your Oklahoma notary commission is simple, fast, and affordable. To renew your notary commission in Oklahoma, simply follow the steps outlined below:

1. Complete a renewal notary application.

A renewal application may be submitted online, by mail, or in person, but it is easiest by far to complete your application online. You can complete the notary renewal application on the secretary of state’s website. This application should not be submitted more than six weeks prior to the expiration of your Oklahoma notary commission.

2. Purchase a four-year, $1,000 Oklahoma notary bond.

This notary bond is required by law for all new and renewing Oklahoma notary applicants. The Oklahoma notary bond protects the Oklahoma public in the event you should be negligent in your duties and cause damages to a party. The notary bond does not provide you any protection. The notary bonding company may  ask you to reimburse them if they paid a bond claim on your behalf.  To protect yourself from claims, obtain an American Association of Notaries notary bond, which comes with a free, four-year, $5,000 notary errors and omissions policy.

3. Purchase notary errors and omissions (E&O) insurance.

While errors and omissions (E&O) insurance is optional in Oklahoma, the American Association of Notaries strongly recommends obtaining an E&O insurance policy for your own protection. Your notary bond protects the public, but your Oklahoma notary errors and omission insurance policy protects you, the notary. If you are sued by a client for an unintentional mistake, you could incur severe court costs. Your E&O policy protects you if you are ever falsely accused or if you make an unintentional error or omission. The cost of E&O insurance varies by coverage amount and insurance provider.

4. Pay the $20 state filing fee.

The cost to file your renewal application with the state is $20. This fee can be paid online. This fee increases to $25 if your application is received after your commission has expired, and you must be issued a new commission number.

5. Order a new notary stamp.

Once your Oklahoma notary commission expires, you may need to order a new notary stamp with your new commission expiration date. According to Oklahoma Statutes Title 49, every notary must obtain a notarial seal containing the following:

  • The words "State of Oklahoma"
  • The words "Notary Public"
  • The notary's name

Optionally, the notary may include their commission number and commission expiration date on the stamp or seal. The notary may choose between either a metal seal that leaves an embossed impression or a rubber stamp used in conjunction with a stamp pad and ink.

6. Upload all required notary documents to the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s website.

Once your Oklahoma renewal notary application is approved, you need to upload a number of required documents to the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s website. These documents include:

  • Your $1,000 Oklahoma notary bond
  • Your oath of office
  • Your loyalty oath
  • An impression of your new notary stamp

Save Money on Renewing Your Oklahoma Notary Commission 

To save money when renewing your Oklahoma notary commission, consider purchasing a complete notary renewal package from a one-stop shop such as the American Association of Notaries. AAN’s renewal package includes everything you need to renew your Oklahoma commission, including:

  • A four-year, $1,000 notary bond
  • A four-year, $5,000 E&O insurance policy
  • A self-inking rectangular notary stamp
  • A notary record book
  • A free, one-year membership to the AAN, which will provide you with member benefits, a notary locator listing, and a newsletter while keeping you up to date on notary law changes.

If you need to renew your Oklahoma notary commission, the American Association of Notaries can help. AAN has been helping individuals become notaries since 1994. We manufacture notary supplies in-house at savings of more than 40% compared to the same supplies you may find somewhere else. We are also a notary bonding agency. All our bonds are issued by an A+ rated surety company.

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